About me

I can help you increase your company’s marketing results helping you with social media marketing strategies increasing brand awareness and value by giving you an insight in the right tools and application integration for your business to enable you to develop engaging content and conversations with people.

What I offer ?
Talks, workshops, mobile documenting and social tech solutions so you can join in with your chosen community. Workshops cover topics like shooting video for the web, Storymaking with a mobile device and how to take better photos with a mobile phone.

How can I help you? 
We live now in a state of information overload. Digital Technologies are constantly evolving digital, there’s always more than we can cope with. I can help you navigate this digital world, explain what social technology is, what tools are available to you and how you can use them to engage with your community.

How do I do it? 
Whether through consultation (visiting you in-house or on location), a presentation, or through an informal training session, I will listen to you to see what you do and research your ‘existing digital footprint’. Then together we work out the best way to make that move forward for you and your company/publication. Helping you to build and neurture an audience, make your media mobile, to place yourself on the devices in the pockets of your viewers, listeners or readers.

” Ian is an experienced technology educator. He is passionate about helping students to learn and has a unique ability to find ways to explain information at the right level for each individual. His main interests in teaching are based around the Mac.”

Dr Chris Hughes
Research And Development Engineer at BBC

I can provide guidance and support to schools seeking to develop their curriculum or implement new technology into school to ensure pupils and staff can maximise the opportunities for embedding ICT across the curriculum whilst developing a consistent and sustainable approach to using ICT.

I also provides advice and support for schools who are looking to harness the power of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook to support the curriculum and the school or colleges priorities.

I explore new ideas, seek new paths and embrace new opportunities. I collaborate   with other ADE’s and with Apple — to bring the freshest, most innovative ideas to learning, students and educators everywhere.
Read Ians’ latest blog posts ask questions in the comments for practical advice on ICT in school, or contact Ian for a friendly, jargon-free conversation!
I match my Myers Briggs type INTPenhanced by his strong sense of curiosity, business acumen and good communication skills Enjoys learning new skills. Enjoys solving problems using his imagination. Likes analysing and putting things in logical order. I’m careful with details.

Mobile : 07730119960
email : ianclimb8@icloud.com

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